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09-Oct-2017 04:00

And my family can’t benefit financially from your father becoming president — like that would ever happen anyway — because that’s called political patronage and/or unjust enrichment, and both are also illegal.

Ivanka: Oh, Jesus, Jared, can you really be so naive, you and those matzah-gobbler dimples of yours? He’s got this semi-psychotic, white supremacist, political genius guy from Breitbart News who’s ready to help us out.

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But before Jared Kushner put a ring on it back in 2009, Ivanka Trump had quite an interesting dating history, just like her father.

Ivanka: Oh, brother, why are all you cliptips such sexual pussies? And almost as wealthy.*****If you liked this post, please click the heart, comment, and/or follow me.

Look, you’re going to take off my clothes and give it to me hard, like Daddy does.

The woman to Jared’s left worked for and was recording their conversations, first at dinner in Tribeca, then at Bowlmor Lanes in Greenwich Village where they kissed, and finally here at the movies where Jared drank the best water. Kushner unfolded about 20 minutes into their date, after the two exchanged pleasantries at the chic Japanese restaurant, Nobu, in New York City’s Tribeca district: Ivanka: Listen, Jared, I don’t know exactly how to put this but Daddy needs a Jew. Ivanka: I said Daddy needs a bona fide Jew in his inner circle, because he wants to make a serious run for the presidency in 2016, and if it’s going to be successful he needs to have a real Jewish person around to make him look, you know, not so anti-Semitic, Waspy clansman.

But the riveting audiotapes recorded that night still exist, as do the transcripts, which the dating site released on Monday. Jared: Ivanka, that’s not only insulting to me as an orthodox Jew, it’s incredibly calculating and frighteningly Machiavellian.Jared: Doesn’t work like that, Ivanka, he needs to build a solid platform of liberal or conservative positions over years, even decades, or no one will take him seriously. Once Daddy settles into the Oval and starts working directly with the Russian oligarchs, we’ll all be skimming additional millions off the top every week.