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In other words, men who are grandfathers don't always accept "business calls" during moments of personal importance, realizing that "life" is too short to be "professionally accessible" all the time. Men who are also grandfathers understand the need to "add value" where others may not, remaining fully aware of the generational impact of actively making life better for all through charitable giving and participation.So you see, it is for these reasons and many more which go un-noted, that I have reconsidered my position on dating men who are also grandfathers.If you are an Iron Duke enthusiast, you can drink in 53 pubs called the Duke of Wellington, as well as 37 that go by an unadorned "Wellington". The Duke of Wellington is the oldest licenced pub in Melbourne, and now serves a variety of gastropub food.And then of course there are the countless pubs called simply The Duke.Saina Nehwal Mary Kom became the first Indian woman boxer to win an Olympic medal in boxing at the 2012 Beijing Olympics in the 51 kg fly weight category.She also has 13 gold medals from other international competitions.Everyone knows that he was twice elected Prime Minister after retiring from the battlefield, but Wellington had already worked in politics long before that.After an education at Eton, in Brussels and in France – a country that, lest we forget, he later trounced on the battlefield – Wellesley went into the Irish Parliament at just 20 years of age, where he served for five years. At the age of 25, Wellington fought in the 1794 Flanders Campaign during the French Revolutionary war. It was this that inspired him to study the art of war.

One afternoon, while studying for a test in the student union with my friend Dorothy, I was having trouble concentrating ...

Although Wellington is remembered as a British military hero, and was honoured with land and titles in England during his life, Arthur Wellesley (1769-1852) was actually born in Dublin.