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06-May-2018 17:53

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Veteran music duo Hall & Oates will sing their hit “Maneater” for a dance routine with Dmitry, our choreographer Maksim Chmerkovskiy, his fiance Karina Smirnoff and Tony Dovolani, who trains and teaches at Delgado Dance Studios.Returning to the show will be Cloris Leachman with her pro dance partner Corky Ballas to show the remaining dancers how to perform the lindy hop and the Argentine tango, which they will perform next week.“I was really thrown off by Jewel’s injury,” Dmitry said. I was at the airport when they called me to tell me I suddenly had a new partner. It’s really difficult every week because you switch dancing styles. Whoever designed women’s shoes wasn’t caring about us dancing in them. I wanted to do a slide, but Dmitry says that would be too easy! You feel it in the back of your knees, and old injuries from the past come up again. But I’ve been eating junk food and still losing weight. It’s not really fighting -- it’s in a work atmosphere -- so we’re arguing with disagreements, but no big deal and no problems. Holly did, however, host her own “Vote for Holly” party at Prive (click HERE for that story). Holly flew back to Hollywood early yesterday for more rehearsals before tonight’s broadcast.I didn’t know who Holly was or what to expect when she first walked through the door. She had no idea how to move or what to do with her body movements. I have zero dance experience, so those five days were tough. It sure got me over stage fright real fast.” Dmitry added: “She’s much better now and finally starting to look like a ballroom dancer. It becomes the complete opposite of what you’ve just done before. “It works out to about 30 hours of training for the new dance each week. They may look good, but they are not for dancing as much as this. “I am so buried in the studio, I have no idea what’s going on outside. every day and go until 4 p.m., and then I just crash. It’s tough getting in and out of my car with the aches and pains. It’s too far, so I’ve been crashing with friends on whatever side of town I’m at. I’m tempted to take over the trailer at night and stay there at the studio. So we stretch before and have to relax afterwards with the hot-hot bath and massages. “There was no time for anything fancy this trip to Vegas.The judges generally rated his dancing positively, but call-in votes still repeatedly placed him in the bottom three couples each week.

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Chaplin has stated, For the audience, it's kind of awkward to see my shirt open all the time, but as a ballroom dancer I always compete with open shirts. It's not like I just decided to come on the show and undress.Tonight is Dmitry and Holly’s third appearance after he had been working with his original partner, singer-songwriter Jewel, who had to exit the show due to injuries. “So far, though, knock on wood, no injuries like some of the other dancers on the show have suffered.