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Contusion is also another frequently used term, particularly in relation to internal trauma.Although bruising is most often thought of as an extravasation of blood intradermally or subcutaneously, bruises can occur almost anywhere in the body.There are many variables that influence the development and absorption of bruises, as well as their appearance and extent of spread, thus adding to the difficulty in their interpretation.

Typically, bruises are caused by blunt trauma, although they may be associated with any type of impact and can accompany many different types of wounds.

Thus, they can provide much information with regard to their causation and can assist with the reconstruction of events leading to death.

Furthermore, when an injury is inflicted and blood extravasates from injured blood vessels the resultant bruising may be: The word bruise is often used synonymously with the term haematoma and ecchymosis (or ecchymoma).

A bruise should not be examined in isolation because on many occasions, particularly with shoe marks or blunt trauma from sticks, iron objects, belts and so on, there may be an accompanying characteristic abrasion or laceration.

The size, intensity, and accompanying lacerations or abrasions will be useful pointers in assessing the force of an impact.

The nature of the agent causing a particular bruise is central to assessing the circumstances of injury and thus assisting in the reconstruction of events.