Dating between black women

24-Oct-2017 15:57

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A few clicks put online dating in the rear-view mirror. Regardless of the type of app or site, online dating works better for some than others — a lot better, in fact.

When I dreamed of my perfect guy, I never thought of what color or race he would be.

I don't choose a man based on the color of his skin. That's what we should be focusing on, not what color, but how happy someone makes you. If you feel like someone is not treating you right because of your race, then you have to get out and find someone who will. And no matter what race he is, he will love me as the African American girl I am.

You don’t automatically have to like everyone in your life the same.”She adds:“I think the more you’re confronting heteronormative beliefs, the more you’re going to bump into . People aren’t going to understand why you’re doing it.… continue reading »

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